SoferOnline - learning app for the driving license

We built a complete solution for driving schools and their students, that: Helps students learn for the theoretical exam in an easy.

We built a complex solution for driving schools and their students, that:

Helps driving school management by automating repetitive, boring and bureaucratic duties & paperwork, allowing them to do focus on their real job (which is teaching students how to drive properly).

Helps students learn for the theoretical exam in an easy & efficient manner, with an AI that gives daily theory exercises based on the user's progress;

The original SoferOnline business was started by one of our co-founders in 2013, as a web-only app. Several years later, SoferOnline was acquired by Soft ATAC and the project has been rewritten from scratch using PHP with Symfony framework, to improve scaling, security and stability.

After discussing with several driving schools and listening to their pains and wishes, we developed an ERP Javascript Web-app with EmberJS, for driving schools to do their management duties.







One of the biggest problem we humans have when learning something new is that we don't know where to start form.

That's why we built an Artificial Intelligence that guides the user through the theory and adapts to his/her needs and progress: you choose the date when you want to be 100% prepared(sure to know any question you could get) and the AI gives you daily exercises to prepare from.

As more usage came from mobile devices, a mobile app was a natural expansion. We tried building one with Ionic, but (as Ionic didn't deliver the performance and smoothness we wanted), we built it using React Native.

After building comes selling. We started marketing the app on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and on Google. We had to further update the app to improve the conversion rate and usability (and are still on the look for opportunities regarding those aspects).

The apps are actively maintained and updated based on user feedback, requests and legislation updates.

Tools & Services: