The fun starts with us - We help you organize memorable events

Who doesn’t like great parties? But throwing a good one is hard. Resurse-petreceri Is a local business in Cluj-Napoca that helps people create memorable events and parties.

Planning an event is a time-consuming process and is most of the time hard to get it right. Our client has a lot of experience with organizing events (birthday parties, bachelor parties, baptisms, team building events, etc.) and provides everything that is needed for a great event (from location to balloons, costumes and even dishes).

Their old website was crowded, difficult to navigate through and not very mobile friendly. We rebuilt it using Wordpress, as the owner does not have technical knowledge and the framework provides an easy way to add/edit content.

Before starting to build the website, we realized that the owner of the business did not have a clear and simple structure in mind for the website: on the main page, they wanted to have listed every category of services and products they offered.

We think it’s mandatory to have a simple path for the user to chose on your website or app if you want it to convert easily. We did not want to build a website that we didn’t believe in, so we offered business advice to help them build the right website: we created a simple category-subcategory structure for their products and services, based on their best-selling and most important products. We used an existing Wordpress theme and further adapted it to reflect their business. The old website was built with Wordpress and had lots of content (over 200 articles & 100 images). We imported the content from the old one and restructured it in an easy-to-navigate manner.

To improve search engine visibility and user experience, several plugins were added for SEO, Google Analytics and caching. For they did not have technical knowledge, we did everything from building the website to hosting it and putting it into production.

Tools & Services: