Nola is a website and a shop specializing in the rental and sale of car seats for children. At the same time, Nola offers consultancy in the process of informing, purchasing and installing the car seat.


The main challenge when it comes to the Nola project is to create relevant content for potential customers and to convey the Nola values, namely: love for the children. Once created, the following challenge arises. How does the content reach as many potential customers as possible?


Video is King when it comes to assimilating or transmitting information or opinions, the best method is through videos and video advertising. So, together with the Nola team, we've decided to transpose all of their knowledge into short videos, which aim to help potential customers in the purchase of a suitable car seat for their child.

As far as promotion is concerned, we have approached the main channels of communication: Facebook, YouTube, Google and Instagram. The methodology used in the promotion was the classical "Jab-Jab-Jab-Right Hook" that promoted relevant product information (through videos and blog articles) to as many people as possible, with interested consumers to be retargeted through advertising.