Joyfull connect 3 mobile game

A 2D puzzle game we built using Unity engine with C#. It contains many levels (currently over 400), similar to other classic match 3 games (like Candy Crush). It was launched for Android and iOS.

Creating levels was proven to be a tedious process, so we created an automated level generator, solver and scorer with C# .NET Forms in Visual Studio. We let the generator run for several days to generate some levels and afterwards filtered them manually.

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We launched 2 versions of the game.

The second one has a more creative approach and it relates to the story of how life evolved on earth over millions of years: from single-cell organisms to complex human societies and, why not, aliens. The UI had to be completely redesigned and decorated to fit in the evolutionary new story. Levels are now steps in the evolution of mankind: e.g. Medieval Age, Industrial Revolution, etc.

We outsourced music & sound effects creation, with the voice of Yoda introducing the levels. Unfortunately, we later realised that we needed much bigger marketing budgets, which at that time we didn’t have so we stopped promoting it.